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Luther Seminary's Bible Q & A

John 3: Being Born Again - Craig Koester

In this brief video, Craig Koester talks about Jesus' encounter with Nicodemus in John 3, and what it means to be "born again" or "born from above."

Koester, who is Professor and Asher O. and Carrie Nasby Chair of New Testament, said: "For John, the idea of new birth is really the importance of faith; so it's really an invitation to faith."

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Icon to iPad: Bible in American Life – M. Granquist

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Podcast discussion features Eric Barreto, Cameron Howard and Mark Granquist. Article written by Mark Granquist.

When I was in college I knew guys who spent their summers going door-to-door in the South, selling Bibles and other related books. They told me that by far and away their best seller (and biggest profit) was a huge, hulking family Bible the size of a small car. This edition of the Bible had everything: an ornate, gilded and embossed cover, plenty of color illustrations, dictionaries and

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