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Luther Seminary's Bible Q & A

Jesus, Widows and Wealth in the Gospel of Luke

Eric Barreto, Associate Professor of New Testament at Luther Seminary, talks about Jesus and widows in Luke 7 and Luke 21.

"Wealth and possession in Luke isn't just about the money you have in your checking account, isn't just about the ability to buy bread every day. It's also about power, and our ability to live in this world in all its fullness," said Dr. Barreto.

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How the Bible influences ethics – Alan G. Padgett

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Podcast discussion with Kathryn Schifferdecker, Cameron Howard and Alan Padgett. Article written by Alan G. Padgett.

When I converted to Christianity as a young man, I was new to the Bible and to the social conventions of the evangelical Baptist Church I soon joined. My long, flowing locks were troubling to many of my new church community (not to say my attire and attitudes) and I was approached by some who made the case that I should cut my hair. They did so on the basis of a single verse (1 Corinthians

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