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Luther Seminary's Bible Q & A

Revelation: The Beast and the Lamb - Craig Koester

In this brief video, Prof. Craig Koester of Luther Seminary addresses the question: What significance do the beast and the lamb hold in Revelation?

"What Revelation does is invite you into relationship with the lamb (Christ), while seeking to alienate you from those powers represented by the beast," said Koester.


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The Bible and Justice – Mary Hess

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Podcast discussion features Kathryn Schifferdecker, Cameron Howard and Mary Hess. Article written by Mary Hess.

It is difficult to write a short piece about a term like “justice” in the Bible, because the concept is at once so central to the entire Bible, and yet so far from our contemporary understandings of that term.

We have to start with the fundamental heartbeat of the biblical text, a thrum which underlines our relationship with a living God who continues to reveal Godself to a

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