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Luther Seminary's Bible Q & A

God Says "I Love You" - Isaiah 43

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Luther Seminary Professor Terry Fretheim reads Isaiah 43, the only verse in the Bible where God uses the phrase, "I love you."

Watch Fretheim explain why this passage is so powerful: "God values who you are. God honors your place in this relationship. And God places confidence in you to speak, and act, and pray in ways that God can use. For you are God's own vineyard, God's own garden of imagination, God's very own beloved."

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Bible Reading Tip #14 - Pick a Study Bible

by Pastor Clint Schnekloth

Matthew -- Lindisfarne, 7th CenturySo you have decided to read the Bible in one year, or three, or three months, but you are struggling with the very practical question: What Bible should I read? Many of us try to figure out whether we should read the bible from a good study edition (and which one) or whether we should read it online, on our mobile device, or Kindle.

So here's one way to read the Bible:

Read a print Study Bible

I have two favorites. The Lutheran Study Bible is the one we give our

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Was Jesus Married? - Sarah Henrich

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Podcast discussion with Eric Barreto, Cameron Howard, and Sarah Henrich. Article written by Sarah Henrich. 

Was Jesus married -- and why do we care?

Papyrus fragment front. Karen L. King 2012.In the wake of the recent publication of a small (1.5-inch x 3-inch) piece of a Coptic (an ancient language of Egyptian Christians) manuscript, we suddenly have "The Gospel of Jesus' Wife" along with speculation about Jesus' marital status and the presumption that the Church -- that mythical, monolithic entity -- is suppressing the whole truth.

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