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Luther Seminary's Bible Q & A

Mark: God on the Loose - Karoline Lewis

Karoline Lewis, associate professor of preaching and Alvin N. Rogness Chair of Homiletics at Luther Seminary, explains in this 3-minute video the value in reading Bible passages from a variety of translations.

She uncovers the way that different translators portray Jesus' baptism and death in the Gospel of Mark, and makes the point that the words we choose shape the way we see God's activity.

"God was located in the Holy of Holies, behind that temple curtain. But if God is not behind the curtain

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How Do Parents Share Faith with Kids? - Tim Coltvet

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"Family Band" by Benjamin Wald via Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)As a pastor serving in the field of children, youth and family ministry who has sought to partner with parents in the faith formation of their child(ren), I am often saddened to hear parents who feel overwhelmed, inept, and quite frankly guilty about their role in passing on the God story to the next generation.

As a dad who has a 14- and an 11-year-old under my roof, I can assure you that none of us want to go down the parent-guilt road. To complicate matters, if we check our social media feeds

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