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Luther Seminary's Bible Q & A

(One of) My Favorite Bible Passage(s) - Exodus 24-40

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Podcast features Luther Seminary professors Eric Barreto, Kathryn Schifferdecker and Sarah Henrich.

How to choose? Almost every script passage repays study by unfolding into a Word that matters deeply, often surprisingly.

Over the years, passages to which I’ve been asked to turn my attention rather than things that just “jumped out at me” have become my favorites. The realism and humility of Ecclesiastes 3:9-15, for instance, or the images of hope for all God’s people in

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Is God Affected by Our Prayers? - Terence Fretheim

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Podcast discussion with Eric Barreto, Kathryn Schifferdecker and Terence Fretheim.
Article written by Terence E. Fretheim.

When asked about their prayers, many people say that God has three answers available: Yes, No, and Wait (or some variation thereof). I invite you to consider an additional response: God has determined to answer prayers in a positive way, but God’s will to do so is being successfully resisted. This resistance may come from within ourselves (e.g., our arrogance), but it may

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