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Luther Seminary's Bible Q & A


God Values Life: Leviticus 17 - Kathryn Schifferdecker

In this brief video, Kathryn Schifferdecker helps unpack a difficult passage for modern readers. "If one reads it closely, one can find a profound insight here about life and about how God values life," says Schifferdecker.

Schifferdecker explains that this chapter explains how the ancient Israelites were to slaughter animals for eating.

The prohibition among the ancient Israelites against eating blood (reinforced in Genesis 9) shows a profound respect for life. "You cannot kill an animal thoughtlessly

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Luke 1: Opening the Gospel - Matt Skinner

Matt Skinner talks about the beginning of the Gospel of Luke, and how this gospel is telling a constructive story to build up people's faith.

"It's history, a story meant to instruct in faith, to give believers a sense of who Jesus is and how his ministry unfolded," said Skinner.

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Where Did the New Testament Come From? - Eric Barreto

Eric Barreto, assistant professor of New Testament at Luther Seminary, talks about the origins of the 27 books that form the New Testament.

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Psalms of Praise: Rolf Jacobson

Rolf Jacobson talks about praise psalms and their importance for our life today.

According to Jacobson, praise serves two functions in the psalms:

  1. as a form of testimony, to show others how God has acted in the world (i.e., "We are called to praise God not for God's person, but for God's mission."); and
  2. as a form of direct communication with God, as a part of our relationship with God. 

Jacobson concludes that praise is neither for transactional purposes nor for affirmation of God; rather,

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