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Luther Seminary's Bible Q & A

What Motherly Images for God Are in the Bible? - Amy E. Marga

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Podcast featuring Luther Seminary professors Eric Barreto, Cameron Howard and Amy Marga.

Article by Amy Marga.

The Bible offers a picture of God who mothers through the work of birthing, preserving, and nurturing God’s children. But such imagery is not without some tension.

God’s mothering work begins in childbirth, as most mothering work does. The sea leaps out of God’s womb (Job 38:8), and the ice is brought forth from God’s womb (Job 38:28-29). Creation thus is not just

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Bible, God, and Natural Disasters - Terence Fretheim

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Podcast discussion with Eric Barreto, Cameron Howard and Terence Fretheim.
Article written by Terence Fretheim.

Firefighter in front of wildfire. (Creative Commons image by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Southeast Region on Flickr)A regular rhythm of natural disasters has occurred in recent years, from floods in the Midwest, to fires in California and Colorado, to hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, to earthquakes in China and Haiti, to the tsunamis in Southeast Asia. The list is long.

Given this painful history, it is not surprising that the Bible’s pages are filled with references to natural disasters: the flood,

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