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Luther Seminary's Bible Q & A

My Favorite Bible Passage – Matt Skinner

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Podcast discussion with Eric Barreto, Cameron Howard and Matt Skinner.
Article written by Matt Skinner.

I’m drawn to biblical passages that make me see differently. My capacity to imagine what’s possible for the world is limited, and my ability to perceive the true nature of things is sometimes overly pessimistic. This makes me grateful for the Bible’s potential to urge me toward viewing my experiences and events around me in light of God’s grand intentions for humanity’s

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The Best Way to Read the Bible? – Mark Throntveit

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Podcast discussion with Mark Throntveit, Eric Barreto, and Cameron Howard. Article by Mark Throntveit.

Let’s get one thing straight. There is no best way to read the Bible. Any way you are reading the Bible is good. It’s better to be reading the Bible once a week, standing on one foot, and wearing an orange fright wig than not reading the Bible at all! That being said, there are many ways to do so.

One time-honored way is to buy a new Bible for Christmas and then on New Year’s

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Bible Reading Tip #19: Download a Bible Study Program

Bible Reading Tip iconby Pastor Clint Schnekloth

In previous months we've looked at how to pick a study Bible and where to find a fresh translation of the Bible.

Here's another way to study the Bible:

6. Download a Bible study program

The best on the market is With a program like this, you can read many different translations and access more study tools than anyone (other than a professional student of Scripture) would ever need.

Read the whole list of Pastor Clint's previous tips.

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Bible Reading Tip #15 - Read the Bible Online

by Pastor Clint Schnekloth

So maybe you have decided to read the Bible in one year, or three years, or three months. Good for you! Now you are struggling with the very practical question: What Bible should I read?

Many of us try to figure out whether we should read the Bible from a good study edition (and which one?) or whether we should read it online, on our mobile device, or Kindle.

Last month we looked at how to pick a study Bible.

Here's another way to read the Bible:

2. Read a free

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