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Palestine lacks good natural harbors, but Herod the Great, who ruled 37-4 B.C.E., created a harbor and built a city known as Caesarea. The city became a center for Roman administration in Palestine. It was watered by an aqueduct and had a theater, facilities for athletics, and many public buildings. The Roman governors, including Pontius Pilate, resided in Caesarea. Paul passed through Caesarea several times in the course of his missionary work. Before his final visit to Jerusalem, Paul stayed with Philip the evangelist in Caesarea (Acts 21:8). After Paul's arrest in Jerusalem he was imprisoned in Caesarea for two years by the Roman governors Felix and Festus. After Paul appealed for a hearing before the emperor, he embarked from Caesarea to Rome (Acts 23-26).

AUTHOR: Robert Brusic, Seminary Pastor Emeritus

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