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Luther Seminary's Bible Q & A

Bible Reading Tip

Bible Reading Tip #15 - Read the Bible Online

by Pastor Clint Schnekloth

So maybe you have decided to read the Bible in one year, or three years, or three months. Good for you! Now you are struggling with the very practical question: What Bible should I read?

Many of us try to figure out whether we should read the Bible from a good study edition (and which one?) or whether we should read it online, on our mobile device, or Kindle.

Last month we looked at how to pick a study Bible.

Here's another way to read the Bible:

2. Read a free version of the Bible online

The Bible is available for free online in many forms. The best option for a totally free study bible is probably the Net Bible, This is a new translation, translated specifically to be a net-based Bible. It has plenty of study resources and is an excellent (if moderately conservative) translation.

For those looking for other options, the Oremus Bible Browser,, allows you to browse many of the most popular English translations.

Check back for other formats in the coming months, or view the whole list here.

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