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Bible Reading Tip

Bible Reading Tip: Responding to Evil & Suffering - Terence Fretheim

Weyden Deposition (detail)"Faced with the realities of suffering and evil, Christians can say something, but they cannot say everything or even as much as they might like to say."

That's how Terence Fretheim, Luther Seminary professor emeritus of Old Testament, leads off his article on God, evil, and suffering. 

Fretheim provides biblical perspectives in response to the theological approach offered by Paul Sponheim, Luther Seminary professor emeritus of Systematic Theology. (Read Sponheim's essay.) 

Fretheim cites Bible passages for understanding and distinguishing between six types of suffering, and offers ways that Christians can provide pastoral or ethical responses to that suffering.

Read Terence E. Fretheim's full essay online, "To Say Something - About God, Evil, and Suffering," Word & World, XIX:4, Fall 1999.

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