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Luther Seminary's Bible Q & A

Psalms of Praise: Rolf Jacobson

Rolf Jacobson talks about praise psalms and their importance for our life today.

According to Jacobson, praise serves two functions in the psalms:

  1. as a form of testimony, to show others how God has acted in the world (i.e., "We are called to praise God not for God's person, but for God's mission."); and
  2. as a form of direct communication with God, as a part of our relationship with God. 

Jacobson concludes that praise is neither for transactional purposes nor for affirmation of God; rather,

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Does God Bless America (Only)?

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Podcast discussion with Eric Barreto, Cameron Howard, and Matt Skinner. Article written by Matt Skinner.

It’s fine for Americans to express pride in America, to pray for America, and -- especially -- to work to make it a better, more just society. But no one should presume that God holds America in special regard, or that God plays favorites when it comes to the nations of the world.

Wherever they come from, assumptions about America enjoying a privileged place in God’s purposes have

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