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Luther Seminary's Bible Q & A

Icon to iPad: Bible in American Life – M. Granquist

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Podcast discussion features Eric Barreto, Cameron Howard and Mark Granquist. Article written by Mark Granquist.

When I was in college I knew guys who spent their summers going door-to-door in the South, selling Bibles and other related books. They told me that by far and away their best seller (and biggest profit) was a huge, hulking family Bible the size of a small car. This edition of the Bible had everything: an ornate, gilded and embossed cover, plenty of color illustrations, dictionaries and

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Bible Reading Tip #14 - Pick a Study Bible

by Pastor Clint Schnekloth

Matthew -- Lindisfarne, 7th CenturySo you have decided to read the Bible in one year, or three, or three months, but you are struggling with the very practical question: What Bible should I read? Many of us try to figure out whether we should read the bible from a good study edition (and which one) or whether we should read it online, on our mobile device, or Kindle.

So here's one way to read the Bible:

Read a print Study Bible

I have two favorites. The Lutheran Study Bible is the one we give our

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